Never answer the same support question twice!

Evergreen is an application that lets you engage with your users and your team through question and answer. All knoweldge is searchable, sortable and taggable so people can always find the help they need when they run into trouble.

What makes Evergreen great?

Access Control

Mark individual questions as private to make them visible only to your team. If you have no need at all to share knowledge with the world, you can close off your entire site to anyone who hasn't been added to your team.

Full Text Search

Evergreen maintains a full text index of every portion of every discussion. The whole of your knowledgebase can be quickly searched over by keywords and phrases so you can find the information you need most with ease.

Freeform Tagging

Questions can be freely tagged by users and administrators. With Evergreen's freeform tagging, both you and your users will have an easy time surfacing new discussions relevant to yourselves or that you may be particularly well-prepared to answer.


Your users vote on and "accept" answers and comments. "Accepted" and highly-ranked answers are made more prominent to future visitors.


You can augment your site's stylesheets, branding and copy from within the application itself, as well as toggle on and off sidebar widgets and various other customizations.


Your team members and users are automatically notified by email of new activity in discussions they have started or participated in. Notifications can always be disabled with a single click.

...and a whole lot more!